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IBM Art Show 2005

IBM Art Show at Yorktown Heights TJ Watson Research Center 12 April 2005

Ms. Qualitau and the tree.  Here she was posing as Little Red Riding Hood    


Unfortunately, "Best of Show"  went to a rather nice quilt, that was very well done and very tasteful.

I have never been accused of good taste, so it's no wonder I didn't win.   Too bad, since I think Ms Qualitau was very uspset.  

Here's the winner    

    See...it's nice, and well done.  But not as "cool" as Ms Qualitau.   My buddy Eric also put one in, with a lot of humor.


This is a protrtait of Phillip.   He didn't win either, but when you get a winner from the public, you get the top 40, and that's not good music.

Eric's a Republican....Oh well nobody's perfect!!

Sour grapes are on the menu today.  

It was a nice and fun show,

 but I

I think they should have artists and not the public judge the show. 

The public likes big eyes and Thomas Kincaid.

But, nevertheless, it was a good time had by all, especially the artists, and I hope they do it again next year.

I'm going to suggest they ask a local high school art teacher judge then show.  Then photographs of snow covered trees might not win "Honorable Mention"
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